Google Spreading Love Around The World

Loves who are male(s), female(s), and/or both
Rahman Mohamed

Around the world people are spreading romance, giving gifts to their loves on this day (unless they happen to be lazy or just don’t believe in it).  And Google is no exception.

Today Google’s Doodle is an interactive chocolate making shop for your love.Google-Valentines-Doodle-Start.png

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Hierarchy in Human Rights?

York and Ontario must decide because a boy didn’t want to work with girls
Rahman MohamedVari Hall

On January 9 The National Post reported that York University told Sociology Professor Paul Grayson (currently teaching AP/SOCI 2030 Sociological Research Methods and AP/SOCI 3480 Organizations, Work and Society; both online courses) to not force an unnamed to student to work with women because he said it was against it was against his religious beliefs.

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