Friday the 13th

Good or bad?  The Academics decide
Rahman Mohamed

According to the Gregorian calendar, used internationally, the 13th day of two months falls on a Friday.  2017: January, Friday the 13th and October, Friday the 13th.  Legend has it that Friday the 13th is considered unlucky.  The fact: with varying results, Friday the 13th has has been proven to be both lucky and unlucky in studies by academics (aka people who are just as sane as you or I but “just a bit smarter”). Continue reading

The Hashtag Effect

The influence of Twitter Hashtags
Rahman Mohamed
Updated 1 February 2017

Social media has been changing the world.  Today people are more interconnected than ever before; more than one person from Greenland can discuss food or politics with users in South Africa and India on Twitter; without leaving their home, seeing each others faces or even knowing their real name they know what’s happening in each others’ life.  Today a man from America can share photos with a lady from China on Facebook.  Eventually they may meet, fall in love, and marry.

Leaders of the world have recognized this.  Political and world leaders are using Twitter, interacting with each other and their Followers more than ever before.  In the 2015 Canadian Federal Election Social Media was used by political leaders and parties to reach Canadians across the Great White North.

Earlier this year, February 12, Bloomberg reported that Facebook has higher earning, users, and is used more frequently than Twitter.  On the other hand Twitter is used more often by urban and higher educated users.  It’s also used more than Facebook to stay in touch with the world.  More recently social movements have taken to social media using Hashtags – words or a phrase with “#” in front.  If you click on a hashtag you see all the public Tweets that have used it, Tweets that have included the hashtag.

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Canadian Wolves Set to Enter Europe in 2017

Toronto flying across the Atlantic just to play rugby

Rahman Mohamed

toronto-wolfpack-logoToday the top news in Canada: Toronto FC in the MLS final, the first time a Canadian team has won the Eastern Final and will play in the Championship.  It’s a fact.  There are rumours that Montreal will be re-entering the MLB and Vancouver is set to re-join NBA.  Today Toronto is the only Canadian city with a team in MLB, NBA, NHL, and MLS; next year there’s going to be another Toronto: Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto FC will be sitting next to Toronto Wolfpack, the first transatlantic sports team, aka the first sports team that crosses the Atlantic just to play in a league – the RFL (Rugby Football League).

Just south of Queen St, between Bay St. and Dufferin St, Lamport Stadium, The Den, will join BMO Field, Air Canada Centre and Roger’s Centre as home ground for a Toronto team.  Rugby is in the vocabulary of many Torontonians but what’s missing?  The Laws

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