Protest Power

Rahman Mohamed
The secrets of powerful protesters

When people think of protests the first image is often people holding signs, chanting, and walking in a circle or just standing still.  Protesting is an art.  It’s used to fight the authorities (those who have more power than you) so you can get what you want.  Many protests are similar – chanting and holding signs, often in front of a place related to the authorities they’re challenging.  The most successful have had their own style and image.

If anyone wants proof that there really is a method in any field, you just have to find experts.  Experts are people in their field who know the best way to do something; expert protesters (aka activists) are people who have got what they want, made changes to better their lives and the lives of others.

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What is Poverty?

Bills, coins and question mark 2

How poor do you have to be to be poor?
Rahman Mohamed

It’s May so many Canadian post-secondary students have just finished writing exams even though they complain about tuition.  But high school students are just starting to think about theirs.  Some are waiting for acceptance letters and starting to think about their September tuition payments.

It’s also been two months since Toronto’s Fact Sheet for Poverty, Housing, and Homelessness was released.  According to that only 604,408 people in Toronto have a low-income.  It also says that the median income for people accessing food banks in 2012 was $691.  The report also says people relied on food banks 804 times to avoid eviction in 2011.  But is this really poverty?

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