More Crimes in War

Destruction of what you like
Rahman Mohamed

The Roman Statute is a relatively new law.  Prior to 1 July 2002 it circulated as a document; on July 1 it entered into force.

Section 2, Article 8 (e)(i) states it’s criminal to target attacks at civilians.  Section 2, Article 8 (e)(iv) says not to direct attacks against buildings of religion, history, education, historic monuments, hospitals where the sick are housed and other such places unless they’re military objectives.  But there are times when this must be done in war.  And there are times when it is done. Continue reading

Crimes in War

Doing something wrong while doing something wrong
Rahman Mohamed

War is based upon doing whatever you can to win, rebelling against authority to win the territory of the opponent and getting what you need by using whatever force you can.  Did you know that there are actually international laws that govern how wars should be fought?

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