Episode 5: Murray’s Messages

Rahman Mohamed

Next up is, “A New Direction For Liberals”.  According to the message with this subject, Joyce Murray – a former provincial BC Liberal MPP and Provincial Environment Minister and current federal MP for Vancouver Quadra who wrote an MBA thesis on climate change – saying she doesn’t need to play catch-up with Canadians like the Conservatives, what Preston Manning is urging them to do, because she’s in touch with them.

Episode 4: Findlay Brags

Rahman Mohamed

Whether the other candidates’ emails came from their staff or were written by the candidates, in some way they were personal messages; they said “I want you to support me”.  But according to the first one, everyone “at Team Martha Hall Findlay” believes Findlay is #1.

Episode 3: McCrimmon’s Strategy

Rahman Mohamed

A couple of days after Liberals received an email from Trudeau, Karen McCrimmon – candidate for the Carleton-Mississippi Mills Riding – sent her own.

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