The Vote: Who

Leaders have parties so they can represent
Rahman Mohamed

It’s known: if you’re 18 or older on election day, a Canadian citizen, and a registered voter you can vote in federal elections and referendums, voting that takes place across Canada.  In provincial elections the voter is also a resident of the province; only people who lives in Ontario, is 18 or older on election day and a Canadian citizen will be able to vote in the upcoming June 2018 provincial election.  Upcoming municipal elections in October 2018 in Ontario also have the residency requirement; you can only vote for politicians in the city if you live in the city.  The question for many and a confusion: who are you voting for?

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The Vote: What

Rahman Mohamed
Choose the lead

Democracy: it’s a founding stone in Canadian history.  Constitutionally there must be an election every 5 years unless there is a state of emergency.  The question: what is a vote?

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Canada and Mandela; Strong and Free

Strong Canadians supported Mandela’s movement for Freedom; Mandela remembered Canada and Canadians remember him today
Rahman Mohamed

On December 5, media around the world, including the BBC broadcast the death of Nelson Mandela.  His death was announced at 9:00pm local time by President Jacob Zuma.  Since then the world has been remembering Mandela, including the Great White North.

In Canada flags have been flying at half mast.

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