How Old is Canada?

When was Canada’s first birthday?
Rahman Mohamed

Happy Birthd'eh.pngThis year Canadians are celebrating 150 years.  Unknown to many its 150 years of confederation.  That’s 150 years as a self-governing nation, signing a treaty that brought 4 British ruled colonies together.

The Great White North has been in existence for billions of years.  The Albertosaurus and the oil fields are proof.  It has been inhabited by humans for thousands of years, home of the Indigenous North Americans, victims of colonialism.  Canada though has only been a self-governing nation recognized by the world for 150 years.  Is July 1, 1867 really when Canada was born or has it forged its birth certificate? Continue reading

The Canadian Senate: Past, Present, and Future

Reform the Senate, but in the correct way
Rahman Mohamed

Not so long ago a couple of men in what was then a British colony decided to get together and form a new nation.  They called it Canada.  These men (aka “the Fathers of Confederation”) decided that the nation’s federal Parliament should have two chambers: an upper chamber that was supposed to be a “sober second thought” to legislation created by the House of Commons, Canadian politicians elected by Canadians.  Is that what they are today?

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