Free to Be; Ontario Students Opposing Quebec’s Charter of Values

Say show who you are; don’t hide it
Rahman Mohamed

On September 3, 2013 the Globe and Mail reported that Mayor Naheed Nenshi of Calgary, Alberta stated Quebec’s Charter of Values was “social suicide” and “intolerance”. Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne told reporters “It’s very important to me that Ontario is a diverse province, that our laws and our policies reflect that diversity.” Today students at York University support them.

A group of students that have formed an organization known as “Free to Be” have been seen canvassing on campus, gathering signatures and promoting an online petition on to show the Quebec National Assembly their opposition to Bill 60, the Secular Charter or Charter of Values.

As part of their campaign they’ve been posting pictures of students wearing religious garments on a Facebook page.

What is the Charter?

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The Security Council

The Power of Five
Rahman Mohamed

Chapter IV Article 9 of the Charter of the United Nations states that all its members are part of the General Assembly. According to Chapter V Article 23 the exclusive Security Council is a group of 15 nations in the United Nations. France, China, “the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics [today represented by Russia]”, the UK and the USA are permanent members. The other 10 members are elected for two year terms. Presidency of the Security Council is rotating – each member occupies presidency for a month and releases a statement.

June’s presidency was held by the United Kingdom.  July’s presidency is held by the United States.

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The United Nations

Who, what, where, and when
Rahman Mohamed

World War 1 was one of the most devastating wars in human history.  But it brought about the League of Nations.  World War 2 saw its collapse. In 1945, after WW2, the League of Nations was reformed, in a restructured version as the United Nations.

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