Happy Birthday World Wide Web

Witch or wizard; WWW (World’s Wicked Wonder)
Rahman MohamedStretched globe

Everyone loves a good birthday.  Last year, on May 27, WordPress, the host of Nova’s Rays, celebrated it’s 10th birthday.  Facebook is just a bit younger, celebrating it’s 10th birthday this year on February 4Twitter still has two years before it comes of age.  What about the parent of these close siblings, the World Wide Web?

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Canadian Parliament To Hear a Historic Address From the Aga Khan

Rahman Mohamed

Parliament_Centre_Block_from_the_south_east_cornerIn a PMO News Release on February 7, rebroadcast on a “24 SEVEN Exclusive” on February 8, Stephen Harper announced that he’d invited His Highness the Aga Khan to address Parliament during an official visit on February 27, 2014.

Who is the Aga Khan?

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