More Money for Government and Tax Payer: What Cake to Cut?

Job or earning; what’s more important?
Rahman Mohamed

Known across Canada: Ontario Premier Doug Ford.  Less than 1 month after being elected he’s been said to be moving Ontario backwards.  He’s been called a dictator by NDP Leader, MPP Andrea Horwath, leader of the opposition.  Actions of his government include ending the 3-month York University strike and elimination of Cap and Trade of Carbon pollution implemented by the previous government.  Premier Ford has been strongly criticised for removing the Ontario Sex Ed curriculum, changing what was to be taught in September 2018 for what was taught in 1998.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau changes to the federal Carbon Tax on July 7 reduces payments on Carbon pollution in companies of different sizes in various industries.  Premier Ford then announced it was taking the federal government to court based on constitutional violation.  Leader of the Green Party, MPP Mike Schreiner says government is interested in spending time in court than saving tax payers’ money and bettering the environment.

Are there unexplored ways governments can save money?

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Dementia, Delirium, Dyslexia

Not all D’s are the same
Rahman Mohamed

Dementia: an impairment in how you think that can effect your social function

Delirium: a state of confusion related to a medical treatment

Dyslexia: a process in the brain that makes it harder for a person to understand written information

Dementia, delirium and dyslexia all have an effect of how a person thinks and expresses.  They have similarities but are not the same. Continue reading

Trump’s Triumph: Unite

A US President uniting the world like never before, not fake news
Rahman Mohamed

Donald Trump was voted America’s man in October 2016.  Unless he does something seriously wrong and is forced to leave he’ll have a chance to be given the opportunity to become America’s great leader again until 2024 (just before the FIFA World Cup is hosted by Canada-USA-Mexico).  Since the Great Election, USA has been divided.  On Election day Americans believed they were being forced to choose the lesser of two evils.  Today many say they chose the greater rather than the lesser.

Agreements indicate President Donald Trump is a divider.  Some say he is a bully.  Reports suggest President Trump may be the greatest force to unite the world since WW2 and the Cold War.

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