John Tory: The Lucky Mayor Winning Moneyless Bets

He doesn’t dominate the slots but he could dominate the bar
Rahman Mohamed

Toronto sports teams.  With fans they’ve been a joke for years.  A win by a Toronto team was considered a miracle.  Recently, as they actually improved, entered the post-season and won games , even championships they’re getting more respect from fans and rivals too.  Toronto is considered the city to have the most loyal fans, fans that will support the team even if they’re dead last and have no chance; proof: Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, and Toronto Blue Jays have had full stadiums and sky high ticket prices even when their records were bad.

Nobody has found the most loyal and fanatic fan; selfies and media are always trying to out-perform.  There’s a competition: where will you see the crazy fans – Instagram, TV, local paper, in person.

Toronto’s mayors have always been involved in fandom, trading in the suite for a jersey during playoffs and declaring support for the team in open council and to the media.  Whether or not Mayor John Tory is a crazy loyal fan is not known.  What is known: he’s the good luck charm for Toronto teams, knowledgeable about sports, the mayor of a city with teams that have drastically improved, or just lucky.

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Silent Movement On Toronto Street

Posters on lampposts condemning discrimination
Rahman Mohamed

The war in Syria has brought many actions to Toronto including funds being raised by the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Student Union (ACSSU), raising awareness of Syrian culture and current survival conditions, and displaying the life of a Syrian refugee by imitating it.   Recently a silent movement has appeared; a series of posters has appeared on lampposts at Spadina, south of Bloor.  The Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre is at the corner of Spadina and Bloor, across from the TTC Spadina Station.  Further down the street is the University of Toronto Multi-Faith Centre.  Along the way there are a series of posters promoting acceptance of Muslims and encouraging an end to fascism
Featuring silhouettes and short text a set of three simple paper posters are seen along Spadina on lampposts covering regular sale and help wanted signs.

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