Don’t Stress Yourself; You’ll Sleep

Studies show rats sleep better when they’re stressed and young students that can handle stress sleep deep
Rahman Mohamedbed

So you’ve stayed up a long time cramming and you’re tired? According to a recent study Social stress induces high intensity sleep in rats, led by Peter Meerlo, published by the Zoological Laboratory, University Groningen in Neuroscience Letters (1997), more stress means more sleep; if you want to be able to deal with stress you have to sleep.

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The Month of the “Mo” not the Typo

Why clean shaven men have facial hair
Rahman Mohamed

So it’s almost December, the last month of the year.  But for the last month you’ve probably seen clean-shaven men growing facial hair.  Have you wondered why?  It’s because it’s Movember, not November.

What is Movember?

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