Can Social Media Decide?

Today, the leaders of Canada’s major national federal parties have verified accounts.  Yet despite tweeting more than either Dalai Lama, Pope Francis and other political leaders, @ElizabethMay (29,200 Tweets) sits on the bottom branch with 176,000 Followers.  Using two accounts, Prime Minister Harper leads the race with combined number of 908,100 Followers, 20,100 Followers on his French account @premierministre, second to his English, @pmharper with 888,000.

With 738,000 Followers on one account @JustinTrudeau falls into a close second.  @ThomasMulcair flies in a far third with 168,000 Followers.

With Tweets repeated in both French and English Trudeau speaks directly to voters, uses words and pictures, thanking them for attending his rallies

thanks local leaders for meeting him,

and has released pieces of his platform

Although he has fewer French Tweets, Mulcair has also been releasing his platform

together with taking Followers inside his campaign.

On Facebook Mulcair’s page has less than half the number of likes than Justin Trudeau, and 1,000 likes less than the official NDP party page.

The NDP Twitter and Liberal Twitter both use similar tactics: Twitter style ads together with Retweets of candidates and promotions of their leaders.  While the Liberal Party has 147,000 Followers on Twitter, the NDP has 109,000.  Despite using similar tactics Conservative Twitter has 68,400 Followers, falling behind Green Party Twitter who has 91,300 Followers.

The Liberals are most active on Twitter with 14,000 Tweets while the NDP are least with only 3,486.

Most of Harper’s campaign Tweets are repeated in English and French each on their respective accounts

On FacebookStephen Harper’s page is second to Trudeau, the only leaders to reach 6-figure Likes.  But Conservative Party Page leads the race with more likes than the Liberal Party Page

On Twitter Elizabeth May has few French quotes but has re-tweeted more endorsements for the Green Party, its platform, herself, and her candidates than her rivals.

together with scenes from her own rallies.

While May’s Facebook Page has over 10,000 more Likes than the Green Party’s Page, they’re both in last compared to the other national leaders.

The most recent polls indicate that Canada’s 2015 Federal race is still a close 3-way race.  On the other hand Contributions and Twitter suggest that the election is between the Liberals and Conservatives.  The question now; what will Canadians decide?

*Last Social Media Count on 11 September 2015