Canadian Parliament To Hear a Historic Address From the Aga Khan

He had close relations with the late Pierre Elliot Trudeau and was one of the 21 honorary pallbearers at his funeral together with former US President Jimmy Carter and former Cuban President Fidel Castro in 2000.

Today he shares ties with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau who wished him Happy Birthday in 2013.

He was also present at the 2010 LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture in Toronto where he said “my close ties with Canada go back almost four decades, to the time when many thousands of Asian refugees from Uganda, including many Ismailis, were welcomed so generously in this society

On March 10 he has been invited to a Stephen A. Ogden Jr. ’60 Memorial Lecture on International Affairs at Brown University, a ticketed event open to Brown University students, faculty and staff and part of Brown’s 250th anniversary celebration that will be carried live on Brown’s website.

Together with this he’s known as chairman of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), a network of private, international, non-denominational development organisations that work to alleviate poverty and improve life in Africa and Asia.

The AKDN is responsible for creating the Aga Khan University (AKU), a “a private, self-governing university, guided by an international Board of Trustees” today led by President Firoz Rasul, a Canadian who was CEO of Ballard Power Systems (Dec 1988-June 2003) Chairman of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance Canada, member of the University of British Columbia’s Board of Governors and Director of Science World, British Columbia, on the Boards of TELUS, and the Royal Bank Capital Corporation.

The AKU offers programs in Kenya, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda, and the United Kingdom with 11,463 alumni, 2,490 current students, and 13,000 faculty and staff.

In his most recent address to the AKU, at the 2013 Convocation, the Aga Khan said “the challenge of becoming a distinguished liberal arts university” because “The liberal arts, I believe, can provide an ideal context for fostering inter-disciplinary learning, nurturing critical thinking, inculcating ethical values, and helping students to learn how to go on learning about our ever-evolving universe.
A liberal arts orientation will also help prepare students for leadership in a world where the forces of civil society will play an increasingly pivotal role.

To many His Highness the Aga Khan is a leader who works to change the world and is a ray of hope.

The Prime Minister’s office has set-up a site specially dedicated to the Aga Khan’s visit.

The address can be seen live through on any broadcast system through CPAC – Canadian Public Affairs Channel or online through ParlVU (Parliament of Canada) or on a special broadcast page set-up by

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