Tweets from the Top

The female doves pay attention to each other and sometimes re-Tweet each other’s thoughts to their own people. But alone, they have less than half the Followers of @ElizabethMay (74,223), even though they’re Twitter veterans and Ms. May stepped on the block on 6 March. She usually sings about politics and the tree she’s sitting on like,

But she also keeps up with other news:

But some leaders still use pigeons or snail mail (maybe even texting). The only “multiple” accounts found 4 Pauline Marois of Quebec R gag accounts

The latest of today’s Canadian political leaders to step into the world of Twitter was Prime Minister Stephen Harper (@pmHarper). Even though he doesn’t speak much and doesn’t follow many (just over 200), but he’s gathered many Followers around his words (381,083) and has two verified accounts (@premierministre pour français). He talks politics too

but most of the time, just sends axels in the air—

— before flying home —

His flight companions seulement utilisé une page pour Anglais et Français; Thomas Mulcair (@ThomasMulcair), leader of the NDP and Opposition, might be a bit behind @pmHarper in Followers (just over 49,000), but it’s growing and he uses Twitter to talk politics and thank his Followers. Recently, he thanked people for his birthday wishes (en anglais et français).

Tiny Liberal Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) speaks from the young soul in his heart.

Quietest on the board – Daniel Paille (@DanielePaille) of the Bloc Québécois, le seulment chef national que n’a pas un account varifiéé.

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