Tweets from the Top

If you want to hear a Tweet, you can look to Canada’s North. Eva Aariak (@evaaariak), former premier of Nunavut, and Darell Pasloski (@YukonPremier), the premier of Yukon, are in the North, but they still send wings down south. Premier Pasloski uses his Tweets for his life and daily activities, recently saying,

Eva Aariak just lost her seat in the provincial election and is behind Pasloski, but was using Twitter to her advantage. She was sending falcons loud and clear about the weather. With the provincial election approaching on October 28, was even campaigning on the digital-berg. Her last chirp was a congrats

It’s the Maritime that don’t send their seagulls out to squawk, 2 from Newfoundland (@KathyDunderdaIe), and 16 from Prince Edward Island (@RobertGhiz), even though their followers continue to grow. New Brunswick’s Premier David Alward (@DavidPCNB) is part of the strong, silent type; he’s one of the few without a Tweet in the world. He built a birdhouse and there are almost 200 people watching it, waiting to hear the first chirp.  New Premier  Stephen McNeil (@StephenMcNeil) of Nova Scotia has sent the the most for East (just over 700)

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