Happy Birthday Canada, 149-years-old today!

Happy birthday Canada!  Bon fête du Canada!

It might be big but Canada’s still young.  Canada turns 150 next year while USA grows to 240 in 3 days!  But they’re still close friends and and don’t bug each anywhere except on the ice, as President Obama said in his address to a joint session of Parliament on June 29; their border including the 49th parallel is the longest peaceful border in the world!

Not only that the Great White North is recognized around the world!  On Google.ca today its Doodle shows the Canadian North, glowing lights showing the Great White North over a great plain with coniferous trees, standing tall and free.

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Nova’s Rays Exclusive: The Rewrite!

O Canada, welcome to the 21st century!
Rahman Mohamed

Earlier this month Nova’s Rays reported that Canadian parliament was considering changing the lyrics of O Canada.  On June 16 BBC reported Canadian MPs voted to change the Canadian anthem to make it gender neutral and was being taken to the final stage: the Senate.  Bill C-210, a Private Member’s, may not be passed in its entirety before Summer Recess; it is currently on Second Reading at the Senate and is considered an “Other Bill”; the House of Commons has risen for Summer RecessSenate is scheduled to sit until tomorrow, June 30.  Canadians and tourists may be forced to sing the past historical anthem that does not reflect gender equality on Friday, Canada Day 2016.

Nova’s Rays has obtained exclusive content of the full changes of the English and French anthems of Canada planned by Parliament.  They are not limited gender equality.   Sources say these changes will be brought on a gradual basis to prevent extreme coverage from the media and retaliation from the public.  The changes are set in a manner to be in place before July 1, 2017, Canada’s sesquicentennial to ensure Canada has a 21st century national anthem.

Below are the drafts of the new English and French Canadian anthems exclusive to Nova’s Rays.

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